Reconnect Your Heart 

Release Your Dragons


Your thoughts and feelings keep you limited

Unlock Your Heart

Open your heart to your full potential

Embrace Your World

Live your life with love and stability

Create a life of connection, beauty and freedom. Release your dragons.

Did you know your perception of everything you expereince good or bad affects your emotional energy. If you perceive an experience with positive emotional engery you tend to attract more good experiences into your life. If you perceive an experience with negative emotional engery you tend to attract more bad experiences into your life.

Your emotional needs require love and connection.  There are many times your negatively perceived experiences close your heart, cause your mind to dwell on negative thoughts, and you lose connection to living life from a place of peace and love.

It is time to stop working so hard and actually help yourself  learn how to transmute the negative perceptions of experiences you are living and begin to perceive them from a place of love, peace, stability.

 Are you ready to change your world? Start slaying you dragons.  Unlock new possibilities and potentials you didn’t think existed while learning how to connect and empower yourself.

Let me help you reconnect with your heart!

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 Sessions with Sharon are empowering and informative. Sharon can gently help you release emotional, mental, and physical blocks.

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Seven years ago I received a knock on my front door I had just moved in. I opened it to find a darling lady with shiny eyes and a warm smile. She handed me a plate of warm cinnamon rolls and said hi I’m Sharon I live across the street I have three boys one of which (pointing behind her to boy on a longboard with headphones skating) that has high functioning autism. Please know we are working on using appropriate words.

Right there and then I knew I had found a lifelong friend. Since that day Sharon has taught me about love acceptance and authenticity. She has supported me on the hard days and cheered for me on the good. She not only teaches me through deep thought out words but by her example as she raises her three kind and hard-working boys. I am deeply grateful to have her. Every woman needs a Sharon in their lives!

Xoxo CP

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