About Sharon

My eldest son always had a hard time learning in school and he never grasped the consequences for his actions. He wasn’t a bad kid, in fact he has a heart of gold, but some of the basic behavior patterns he never fully grasped and social cues were not quite right.  When my son was 13, I had a neighbor whose sister had autism and an associate who had a son with autism both mention to me they thought my son was autistic. I was crushed and didn’t know what do.

I was a mom who was trying to help my son know he was able to be so much more, but the world seemed to think differently. I found a lady name Suzy Miller, founder of Awesomism. Suzy taught me that autistic, ADD, ADHD and even Bi-polar individuals are extremely sensitive to unseen feelings, and thoughts.  

These individuals can sense and feel these unseen frequencies of feelings and thought at a very high and intense level. While most adults function from a state of fear or anger instead of love and empowerment causing these sensitive individuals to act out in states of fear and anger that we see every day.

Studying under Suzy for nine years, I was able to learn how to check-in and understand where these individuals function from and begin to incorporate what I learned with my own child. Today my son has a job, graduated from culinary school, drives, and has friends. He still has quirks, ability to understand, and begin to relate to his peers has increased significantlly.

I created “Connecting Tender Hearts” to help other moms and dads  understand how to move from a place of fear to a place where you move yourself into a safe space of unconditional love, total acceptance of you.  This space reenergizes you into Empowerment, Hope for the Future, Loved, Peace and Stability as you move through your own life.

You have the power to change your life. I am here helping you see your own maginficence.

You are so Loved!!

Sharon Hall
Awesomism Facilitator
Selenite Sword facilitator

If you are interested in learning more about Awesomism, you can learn more at: suzymiller.com